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So I may have committed to running another half marathon.  This may have been something that I said I would never do again, but alas here goes nothing; Round 2- Bexx vs the Chilly Half in Burlington in March.  (And, boy will March be chilly…. I’m not a weather woman, or anything, but March is typically colder, than say….. August when I ran my last half.)

Imma do it!

I hope that I win this round, or at least hit my goal of doing a half under 2:15.  As I mentioned before I didn’t train as much as I should have, if not at all for my first half, which could have impacted my lovely time of 2:47.  Holy heck.  I tried to will my little legs to go faster, but alas they would not.  They kept saying things like “Hey, remember when you skipped that 17k long run? Yeah, we would have went faster if you did that a few times… or one time…” haha

Anywho, I’m doing it again.  Liz and Ashley will be running it as well (my Sea Wheeze running buds), and so will my work running partner Rae.

Rae and I decided to go on Wednesday and test out a Running Room downtown (as I told you in one of my previous posts.)  We want to make sure that we’re joining the right one for us.  When we started running it was pouring rain.  One girl commented on our way outside about Rae and I:  “Wow, those two are super happy…”  I’m not sure what that meant….Were we supposed to be grumpy because we were going for a run?  I dunno *shrug*.

So this Sunday we went out again, this time to a midtown Running Room and we were immediately welcomed.  I felt a lot better at this one and the people seemed really nice.  They were loud (like me) and rather excited to run.  The people who run there have been running with the group for a long time, or so it seemed, because they all yelled for each other when they came in the door or greeted each other with salutations of “Oh hey Stan, where’s Marvin today?”  Okay, those names may be fictitious, but wouldn’t it be cool if there were running buddies named Stan and Marv?  I think so. Regardless, they were awesome.

We set out up Yonge Street, and right away there was a huge hill.  I Donovan Bailey’d (what I envision as sprinting, but is really a slow Bexx run/saunter up a hill) my way up the hill too fast, because shortly there after I felt like I needed to stop. My running was admittedly less than stellar and Rae was okay with me cutting the run a bit short in favour of warming up for a bit, and getting some breakfast.

I was disappointed in my performance for my first run back, but it helped me realize and know that I have a lot of great work ahead of  me – one neon shoe’d foot after the next.