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I will be absent for a little bit while I am taking a well-deserved week-long vacation to Jamaica! *party pants are on, folks.*  I leave on Saturday, but in between now and then, I have a lot of packing, laundry and organizing to do.

Goals for the trip:

1- To try jerk chicken

2- To perfect my cannonball

3-To ride down a river in a tube, and climb up Dunn’s River Falls (maybe not in that order haha)

4-To run on the beach in the morning at least once (I always say I’m going to and then don’t.  I think once from never is a great goal! :)) *I’m bringing my running shorts, oh yeahhhhh*

5-To come back to Canada rejuvenated, refreshed and raring to go with so many more goals and aspirations!!!

Oh yeahhhhhh!!!

So I will be missing for a Motivation Monday and Wednesday Wisdom, but I’ll be back (hopefully with way more wisdom and motivation to share!!)

I will of course be posting about my trip upon my return, as it is on my master Goal List!! (As I cross goals off of my Goal List, I will dedicate at least a post to each :))

Take care everyone! Be safe and keep it up with all those amazing goals, lovely people!