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Sizing up the competition! hah

Sizing up the competition! hah

It’s week three, at least I think it is week three (oh how the time passes) of training.  I’m easing in, and feeling like my old self again. (I, of course, use the term ‘old’ lightly haha)

When I first started running a few of my friends used to tease me.  I’m competitive.  I always want to win at everything and I was in a learn to run running clinic, but I still wanted to be the best.  When there was an opportunity to “pass” another runner on the narrow sidewalk in absence of a garbage can blocking my path, I went for it.  I would dodge and dart, which apparently mimics the actions of a ‘crazy duck.’  I’m fine with it.  There are a lot of fine ducks in history and stuff 😉

Tonight I was near the middle (read: back, but I don’t want to talk about it.. haha) of the pack and my running buddy Rae (who is way faster than yours truly) picked up speed in the last kilometer of the run.

I do not know where it came from, but I turned into the crazy duck runner again.  I was determined to catch up to Rae and pass some of the faster people in my running group.  I wove between garbage cans, and dodged tree branches like a maniac.  I have no idea where this drive comes from sometimes, and I sure as heck wish that I could find this inspiration more often.  It’s unfortunately one of those things that comes and goes.  I don’t want to say that it’s like some sorta divine inspiration because to me that sounds a bit hokey and the reality of the situation is that I doubt there was very little divinity involved.

I think the crazy duck run comes from wanting to win, wanting to be better and wanting to prove to myself (and everyone else who is clearing driving by to gain access to the Rebecca Running Show, free of charge) that I CAN be better.  I want to be great at things.  I want to see that time at the end of the half marathon be WAY less than my last.

I’m okay with being compared to a crazy duck.  There are worse things to be compared to in the world! 😉

Challenge yourself.  Be the crazy duck in your running group.  I triple dog dare you!


Happy Training,