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In this week’s NOT SO AMATEUR I’m featuring someone who I have known for about almost 4 years now.  He is always coming into work, having already swam, rowed or ran.  He alsoDom leaves work, and I know he’s heading to Ckyl, or Crossfit to help him stay in mint condition for his next adventure. His name is Dominic Kreutzner!

Having had the opportunity to complete a marketing team ‘Amazing Race’ type event with Dominic on my team, running beside this man is not easy.  For every step he ran, I had to take six – he is one fit guy!

Dominic was Captain of the University of Waterloo swim team when he was in university.  He has raced in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, the US, Singapore, Canada and Egypt (to name a few.)  Since transitioning into the working world, he has participated in several triathlons, including the New York City triathlon and the Escape from Alcatraz in San Francisco.

Dominic is also an avid cyclist and likes to take advantage of the roads in the summer months.  He has taken part in what he calls “a race I’ll never forget”,  the Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay (‘KCIBR’), which is a race that starts in the Yukon, goes over a mountain range and finishes in Alaska.

In between races, and a busy travel schedule, you will find Dominic challenging himself at Crossfit.  (If you haven’t checked out Crossfit in Toronto, the first link goes to their website, this one to their Facebook page.)  He enjoys the beauty of Crossfit because  – “one day you’re on top and then next it’s back to the drawing board!”  (Some day I’ll have to join him and get myself out to try some Crossfit!)

Why Dominic Inspires me:  He runs like a gazelle, which is rather amazing to watch and it makes me tremendously jealous!  On a serious note, he inspires me because he pushes himself to the limit and continues to keep pushing that limit to make sure he is constantly challenging himself.  He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with friends and had to test his physical limits and he had to train hard for this climb.  He inspires me to be more dedicated to training.  He never quits and I have not once ever heard him complain about anything fitness related.  Drive, focus and overall dedication to training is what inspires me the most about Dominic.

What we can lean from Dominic:  I think there are three main things that we can learn from Dominic (there are probably more, but I’m going to limit it to 3 :))  First off, as I mentioned above I think that everyone can learn from the drive that Dominic has.  If he wants something he goes out and gets it.  Triathlon? No problem.  Being able to put aside your fear of doing something you’ve never done before is something that we should all do.

Secondly, another thing we can learn from Dominic is fitness should be fun.  He shows us that one should be dedicated to their training, but they should also make sure that they’re keeping fitness interesting by incorporating many different types of events to keep it fun and enjoyable as well.

Lastly, I think that we can learn from Dominic’s positive attitude when it comes to fitness.  I know there are times when I want to quit and I know that I’m rather vocal about it.  Looking at fitness as a privilege and as something that you not only enjoy, but get something out of, is something that I (and probably some of you) need to focus on.  Being less vocal with the negative and more vocal with the positive benefits of fitness will take you a long way.  It may also inspires others around you to jump up off that couch too! 🙂


7 Questions With Dominic Kreutzner

What would you name as your top fitness accomplishment thus far?  Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. You can’t beat swimming in the cold and dangerous currents of San Francisco Bay to the shore.

It is a New Year and some slate this as ‘a time to start fresh’, what will be your focus in fitness for 2013?  I’d like to focus on some key triathlons for the 2013 season and ensure I’m more efficient at all 3 stages – swim, bike, run.  I’d also like to continue to participate at CrossFit as it’s such a rewarding challenge –  plus there is still  so much to learn.

 If you could meet one famous person who is known for fitness and healthy living, who would it be and why?  Usain Bolt – we are the same age and height.  I want his expertise on running!

 If you had to describe what fitness means to you in one word, what would it be?  Lifestyle

 Who do you attribute as being your biggest influencer when it comes to the healthy lifestyle that you live?  I have to give credit to my mother. She raised my brother and I on healthy home cooked meals and she was always driving us to our sporting events.

 If you could give advice to a new person starting out, what would you say to them?  Consistency is key.  It shouldn’t feel like a chore, you should enjoy whatever you are doing.

 Favourite fitness quote: Life is what YOU make of it.’ This is my mantra when it comes planning my workout regimes.